‘Make sure you are always growing, have a long term vision of where you want to be and most importantly take the small daily steps which make the difference’

Jay discusses his journey in business identifying the times when he has not been fulfilled and motivated as points where there was no growth.

He explains how any business can achieve purpose and growth through continued actions and mindset, find out how you can grow successfully, listen in now.



  • You’ve got to always be moving forward and challenging yourself in new areas, you’ve got to be looking forward and have a big vision.

Mentors can accelerate your growth but you need the patience to work day in and day out. Always be growing and making sure you are moving forward.

  • Reading

When you are reading focus on the books that will help you to grow in your area. If you are reading all sorts of different books but mastering none then you’ve become a book junkie. It’s vital that your reading focuses on your niche.

  • Action

Make sure that every single day you are taking action, even if the action is small or you get it wrong, the routine of taking action every day is vital in the journey towards your goals.

  • The helicopter view

You will have a vision statement and your goals, to ensure you are taking the right actions to move you forward towards those goals step back and take an overview of all areas and elements of your business regularly. The helicopter view will help you to see if your actions are making a difference.

  • Mindset and health

It’s vital that you stay healthy both physically and mentally. If you are ill the impact on your business could be significant.

There is always time to exercise but if you are extremely busy using an App means you can complete a routine where ever you are in just a few minutes. Meditation is a great way to help you stay in balance mentally and prepare you for the challenges of each day.

  • Focus for growth

Always focus on growth, growing your business, growing yourself.

If you have a good road map of where you want to be and focus on, the helicopter view, reading, action and health you will keep growing.



‘Those who look great in their older years are those who are still growing, pushing forward and inquisitive about the world’

‘You’ll get it wrong, you’ll get it right but you must take action’

‘Inaction is the greatest demotivator’

‘The biggest thing is to expand your mind’



The Business Mentor Podcast

The Slight Edge book by J Olson



Jay Dhillon is a serial entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist based in the UK with a

proven track record of growing businesses from start-up to success- and helping others do

the same. From humble beginnings, Jay grew his first business from 0-500 employees and

three locations, racking up sales of over £30 million – all without any investment other than


a small amount of savings. The business went on to acquire major clients such as Land

Rover, Jaguar, Toyota and New Look, to name a few.

Its huge success inevitably brought about outside interest and at the age 33, Jay eventually

sold the company to a London investment firm in Doyen Resources. Today, Jay owns several

businesses in different sectors and helps entrepreneurs achieve success.

A calling to give back and help others led to Jay being chosen for the highly-coveted role as a

Prince’s Trust mentor, where his achievements were marked by a personal invitation to

Buckingham Palace to meet Prince Charles.

After helping several young entrepreneurs to success as a mentor for the Trust, Jay’s

burning desire to bring his wisdom and knowledge to a wider audience ultimately triggered

the concept of The Business Mentor Podcast.

Jay feels that anyone can achieve success in business with the right advice and mentoring

and is now sharing his knowledge with his growing audience via his podcast.

In the UK alone 95% of business fail within the first five years and Jay’s aim is to reduce that


Backed with the hard-earned knowledge and experience from his time in business, The

Business Mentor Podcast will share Jay’s personal business lessons as well those of other

successful entrepreneur guests who share their wisdom and secrets on the show.









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