Don’t run the risk of choosing the wrong mentor before hearing Jay
reveal the common misconceptions associated with mentorships, what
to look for in a mentor, where to find one, track records, action points,
dealing with criticism, return on investment and more.


How To Find And Keep A Mentor.
I have created eleven tips that I feel you can use when finding and
keeping a mentor. I think that most people misunderstand mentoring. They
ask a leader they admire to mentor them, forcing that kind of person into an
awkward position where they feel bad for saying no.
It is important that when looking for a mentor you follow the steps to
ensure you get off the best possible start.

Tip One: What you need to look for in a mentor? It’s important you decide
what you want in a mentor. The main thing is that you need is to ensure the
same values and principles as yourself. More importantly they have a proven
track record.

Tip two: You are looking at, where can you find a mentor? Mentors are
everywhere, so I will suggest that you share your story with people you respect,
people who will show a bit of an interest in you. And from there you could find
really good mentors.
Three: Get as much knowledge as you can about the person! If you set
this meeting up with someone that you identify as a mentor, get as much
information about the person. Show an interest in them, follow their blog or
profile and learn about your mentor.
Four: Don’t ask them to be your mentor straight away! I think you
shouldn’t really ask them straight away to be a mentor. What You should do is
have a few meetings, get to know each other, ask them for advice at some
point, share your story and then build that relationship.
Five: After few meetings, you’ve decided you want to have this
individual as a mentor. I would say to them “Look, I want to progress this
forward. Could we meet on the monthly basis where I would just bring some of

my progression, how far I’ve got, each month I just get your advice moving
forward. I understand, you might be busy, and I am happy to do over the phone
or email, should you not be available. How does that sound for you? “
Six: Give something back!
This will help you maintain a long-term mentoring relationship. Every individual
you listen to, me as well have got their own sets of skills, don’t be afraid to give
something back. When I was mentoring one of my mentees, they were very
good on social media, I really wasn’t good on social media, in fact this podcast is
due to a lot of mentees pushing me to get my message out more. These
mentees helped me with my social media, my Facebook, my Twitter, my
Instagram and I was grateful to them. Don’t be afraid to get your strength
across to your mentor and give them
Seven: Mentorship is a journey, mentoring is organic, it’s healthy, let it
grow! Repeating the same questions each meeting, because you’ve not really
done the work is a bit poor for the mentor. 100% it’s organic, it will take time,
bear with it and make sure you value it. This advice from mentor will increase
your chance success.
Eight: Don’t check out, when you’re challenged up!
I would say if you get challenged by your mentor, don’t take to heart. This is
them giving you advice, they are giving you advice on their own opinions and
take it on board as constructive criticism.
Nine: Mentorship is sharing experiences! I used to think a mentor would
just give me all the answers. They do in a sense, but they just showing
experiences. You need to create your own answers, I would say that mentorship
is a bit like a book, you dive in and you get this perspective and you bring it
back into your own business to help you cross that barrier.
Ten: Ask you mentor for feedback!

Eleven: The most important out of everything is, you need to be
committed! You need to show your mentor that you are really committed to
success and every month you are progressing forward, you’re putting in the
work. You just need to put the work in.


I said I wanted a mentor, I didn’t really understand what that even meant.

It's time to start seeking mentoring the right way.
Get into a mentorship programme type and get a relationship where you can
meet regularly.
The mentees that are really stood out, are the ones that give something back to
If you get challenged by your mentor, don’t take to heart.
You need to show your mentor that you are really committed!


Jay Dhillon is a well-established entrepreneur and has built up many businesses
from start-up to success.
In 2005 he built a business from 0 – 500 employees with a turnover of £5
million per year and this with no investment apart from his savings. This
business brought in major clients such as Land Rover, Jaguar, Toyota and New
Look just to name a few. His passion and skills have since allowed him to build
many more businesses.
Today Jay has multiple business in various sectors. His achievements for his
work have been highlighted in a visit to Buckingham Palace to meet with Prince
From humble upbringing’s Jay feels that anyone can be successful in the
business world. Over his 18 years within businesses, he is now sharing his
knowledge and skills to help other inspiring entrepreneurs succeed in the world
of business.

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