Business, education, wealth, mind-set, strategy, leverage, success, legacy,
giving back and mentorship are all topics covered in this episode of The Business
Mentor Podcast as Jay Dhillon interviews multi-millionaire and serial
entrepreneur, Rob Moore. Learn how Rob went from £50k+ in debt to running
multi-million pound businesses by seizing opportunities and ignoring
conventional wisdom. Plus, a free giveaway for the first 5 to claim!

I just want to know a bit about your past, Rob, how it all started, you
can go as deep as you want? OK. I will do the short version. When I was very
young my Dad had pubs, bar, clubs, restaurants. The most quintessential
entrepreneur ever, big was the cash in his pocket. I just wanted to be my Dad.
I had a pretty good upbringing, I haven’t got that excuse. I also got pretty good
grades at school, from sort of eighteen to twenty-five I got stack in the
education system. I went to uni, where I did architecture, but did nothing with

Literally, the next day I went to my Dad's pub and then I found myself
£40k/£50k in debt. After uni and getting a car loan for a car, spending to
much money on credit cards I found myself over thousands of pounds in debt.
Then my Dad had a nervous breakdown in his pub, suffered of severe depression
and bipolar personality, got sectioned and we didn’t see him for a good while.

What I normally ask at this point, as it’s a mentoring show, is there any
mentors you’d like to shout out, a particular one that’s influenced your
life and helped you along the way Rob? I’ve learned from John De Martini,
over the years he has really helped me, he’s taught me about balanced forces,
upsides and downsides. Secondly, my business partner, Mark, in many ways
he’s a business partner and in many ways he’s a mentor, he taught me about
managing my money properly and being more grounded and detailed and
What do you say to our listeners, should they start a business or go to
university Rob? I am very clear on this, it’s an easy answer. If you want to be
a doctor, a dentist, a lawyer or a pilot, you should absolutely go and do the
degree and the post-grad on that subject.
If you want to be an entrepreneur, you want to run your own business,
if you want to be your own boss, then I don’t think you need the best
way to go. I think podcasts, doing courses, listening to your business mentor

podcast, investing in courses, in education, getting mentors. Getting out there
and doing it, making mistakes on the job.
So, you’ve taken it into Property Business, which you’ve done really
well, you’ve got over 800 properties. You then quit that journey to then
write books, and then set up a training business. How did that come
about, Rob? Some people say, “When you’re digging for gold, some people are
digging for gold and other are selling the shovels.” I like to dig for gold, and sell
the shovels. If I have dug for gold, and found some gold in property, I have
done alright for myself. I can also grow my brand, my business and my profits
by writing books, doing podcasts and running courses, I dig for the gold and I
sell the shovels. Once you’ve learnt something you want to teach it. We are
hardwired to pass on our knowledge.
For start-ups now, an entrepreneur coming in, is there a bit of advice
you could give them, Rob? It’s equal first on biggest mistakes. One bad thing
to do is to listen to conventional wisdom and common sense because
conventional wisdom will give you conventional results and most common sense
isn’t common and it isn’t sense. So the world will tell you, learn from your
mistakes. I think it’s better to learn from someone else’s mistakes. It’s cheaper!
It’s also less of an emotional rollercoaster.

So Rob, if there were two books that you’d recommend apart from your
own to somebody to read, which two books would they be? I get asked
this question a lot. Books are like time stamps on your life and they can have
different importance at different stages of your life. I’d say Arnold
Schwarzenegger’s autobiography Total Recall. What I love with what Arnold’s
done is that he’s self made, not that I have anything against people who’ve
inherited wealth and made it because that's just as hard by the way. I like that
he’s self made and in different disciplines.
Apart from your career as an entrepreneur, are there any skills that
you’d recommend people to do? Leverage. Because nobody, especially me, is
good at everything. In fact, the better you are at one thing, the worse you’ll be
at everything else. If you think of a genius you know, they’re probably so
focussed on being good at that, they’re probably not that good at other things.
The people who grow amazing careers in business, sport, whatever, they focus
on what they’re great at and they leverage everything else. If you watch any
sports people, and you think, “Well they’re not leveraging, so they do it
themselves.” Tiger Woods had about four golf coaches, he’d have a putting
coach, a chipping coach, an iron coach, a psychology coach, a fitness coach,
dozens of coaches. He’s leveraging.


Tell me what mentoring means to you, Rob? How it’s helped you?
Number one is; if you’re struggling to go to the next level, you’re trying to solve
going to the next level, where you’ve never been before. There’s no proof, you
don’t know how to do it. Someone has already been there, done it and solved it.

Number two is that they’ve got a fresh and different approach. Number three is

When you give something away to charity you forget about it and the
goodness comes back to you.

What would you like to be remembered for, Rob? OK so I’d just like to be
remembered that I got in peoples’ face, interrupted the habits in their life that
they weren’t happy with and I helped them create a better life.
I went to Property networking event and I’ve met my business partner
Mark Homer. Mark got me a job with his boss in a property company, totally
responsible we were sorting out the sourcing properties. We went out viewing
thirty properties a week, we were flying around the world doing deals from
developers, we saw the good, the bad, the ugly, we saw it all.
It was such a great education, also as it turns out my business partner
had some money. He never told me and we started buying properties with his
money and our families money. We got from 0 to 20 properties in 2006, then 20
to 50 in 2007 and then 50 to about a 100 in 2008. In 2008 I wrote my first
book, “Property Investing Secrets”, that opened another world of property
training books, podcasts and everything else. I’ve spend twenty-five years
wanting to be a millionaire and doing absolutely nothing about it. Then twenty-
six to thirty-one, just after five years I became a millionaire and yeah, it’s been
a crazy ride.

What would you say was your biggest mistake, Rob? One of my biggest
mistakes was not taking opportunities earlier enough when they arose, so I had
probably seven years’ worth of chance to get into property, from eighteen to
twenty-five. own. You can’t regret the past, if you see it like that then you’re
never going to be move forward. But if I’m going to be honest, I’ve had a lot of
opportunities in my life. The breakages are part of what you fix. I can’t see them
as mistakes, I can only see them as lessons.

The Disruptive Entrepreneur
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Jay Dhillon is a well-established entrepreneur and has built up many businesses
from start-up to success.

In 2005 he built a business from 0 – 500 employees with a turnover of £5
million per year and this with no investment apart from his savings. This
business brought in major clients such as Land Rover, Jaguar, Toyota and New
Look just to name a few. His passion and skills have since allowed him to build
many more businesses.
Today Jay has multiple business in various sectors. His achievements for his
work have been highlighted in a visit to Buckingham Palace to meet with Prince
From humble upbringing’s Jay feels that anyone can be successful in the
business world. Over his 18 years within businesses, he is now sharing his
knowledge and skills to help other inspiring entrepreneurs succeed in the world
of business.

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