Welcome to this Bonus Giveaway episode of The Business Mentor Podcast!

This Friday on the Business Mentor Podcast, your Host Jay Dhillon interviews the legendary Grant Cardone! Make sure you are subscribed and listen in to this fantastic interview with the 10x guru!

For this episode, Jay is running a giveaway competition for all his listeners. Included in this giveaway is a physical copy of The Millionaire Booklet worth $40! (which Jay will ship to you!). Everyone who enters the competition will be given access to a digital copy as well!

But wait, there’s MORE! By Correctly answering, you will also be put into a prize draw for a free mastermind mentoring session with Jay!

  • On a Saturday coming soon, Jay will invite 10 listeners to his boardroom in Derby for a mastermind session. You will also get his extensive workbook! This is normally for paid mentoring clients but Jay is offering this in with the giveaway

To be entered into this prize draw, all you need to do is answer the following;

 What was Grant’s answer to the following question;

  • Who would you pick; Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?

 Email the answer to gcinterview@jay-dhillon.com

Remember to subscribe so you don’t miss out on Friday’s fantastic episode!

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