In this episode of the Business Mentor podcast Jay discusses his thought on Brexit and how it’s going to affect business. He also gives some tips and advice on how to prepare for big changes that will affect business such as Brexit.


  • 3 years ago I didn’t believe that people would vote Brexit.
  • Think long term about your business decisions and think about your businesses strategy before you make any decisions.
  • The property market will pick back up again so think long term and you never know what’s going to happen so look at your own strategy and where you are then make decisions based on what your circumstances are.
  • Look at the opportunity that Brexit is going to bring rather than the negatives.
  • Look at what other investors are doing especially people like Warren Buffet. Watch what your mentors are and aren’t doing and replicate them.
  • There are so many amazing platforms now that are free where you can get information out there easily.
  • Don’t wait for things to happen such as waiting for Brexit because you don’t actually know how long it’s going to take to affect things. Brexit’s been happening for 3 years now, imagine all of that growth you have missed out in the past 3 years because of holding back because of Brexit.
  • Have a buffer so when the bad times do some you wont completely sink. Start saving when your money’s good.


You can’t run around with the panic of things that you can’t control.’

‘What’s you long term strategy?’

‘As long as you’re growing long term, compound growth will get you there.’

‘Generally speaking, the opportunity’s there for the taking’

‘Business changes all of the time and you and your business will have to adapt.’

‘Winners will be the one’s who are prepared and always looking for the opportunity.’



Jay Dhillon is a serial entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist based in the UK with a proven track record of growing businesses from start-up to success- and helping others do the same. From humble beginnings, Jay grew his first business from 0-500 employees and three locations, racking up sales of over £30 million – all without any investment other than a small amount of savings. The business went on to acquire major clients such as Landrover, Jaguar, Toyota and New Look, to name a few.

Its huge success inevitably brought about outside interest, and at the age of 33, Jay eventually sold the company to a London investment firm in Doyen Resources. Today, Jay owns several businesses in different sectors and helps entrepreneurs achieve success.

A calling to give back and help others led to Jay being chosen for the highly-coveted role as a Prince’s Trust mentor, where his achievements were marked by a personal invitation to Buckingham Palace to meet Prince Charles.

After helping several young entrepreneurs to success as a mentor for the Trust, Jay’s burning desire to bring his wisdom and knowledge to a wider audience ultimately triggered the concept of The Business Mentor Podcast.

Jay feels that anyone can achieve success in business with the right advice and mentoring and is now sharing his knowledge with his growing audience via his podcast.

In the UK alone, 95% of business fail within the first five years, and Jay’s aim is to reduce that number.

Backed with the hard-earned knowledge and experience from his time in business, The Business Mentor Podcast will share Jay’s personal business lessons as well those of other successful entrepreneur guests who share their wisdom and secrets on the show.


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