It’s time to be the hero of your own life story.

Aren’t you tired of always playing as the prey, anyway? Life gets tough, and it’s you, and you alone, who could pull you out of that phase. Now’s the time to build the right mindset to prepare yourself on your ultimate success.

In this episode of The Business Mentor Podcast, Jay talks to Rachele Brooke Smith, an actress and the Founder of the Disruptive Movement. Discover today the different techniques you can use so you can disrupt your thoughts and empower yourself for the next significant steps you’ll do that will change your life. Being the best version of yourself does not require extravagance; use your power within you and take control of your mind, body, and soul to get there.


  • While young Rachele’s friends were attending parties, she was busy preparing for personal development conferences. This was her childhood. It was full of fascination with how the mind works and how important mindset is.
  • Rachele started The Disruptive Movement to help and empower everyone so that they become the hero in their life stories. It’s how you perceive and react to what’s happening to you that could either make or break what you want for your future.

Techniques in Having the Mindset for Success:

  • Be open-minded. If there’s a part of you, your tasks, or your goals that is not serving you or not making you happy about yourself, then be open on trying new things.
  • Have a healthy routine. Create patterns in your daily life depending on what you want your life to be. If you want to be successful and happy in the future, then you have to win at things that you’ll do today.
  • Harness your power of creativity. We’re all creative beings. Choose to use your creativity to produce compelling experiences to help other people.
  • Remember that you are what you consume. What books, podcasts, and videos are you consuming? Who are the people you are following in social media? What are the foods you’re eating?
  • Practice gratitude. On the end of each day, Rachele records herself speaking about things that she’s grateful of. She relistens to them regularly to remind herself and reaffirm her visions while on her journey.
  • Start with a tiny habit. Being disciplined and deciding to make tiny habits every single day can bring a massive benefit to your life right now and in the future.
  • Create value for others. In the digital world, where most people consume their time online, and there’s a lot of noise when it comes to content, it’s best that you aim to be one of helpful voices even to a small group of people.
  • Learn about the Release Meditation Technique. This leaves everything in the past and opens you up to new possibilities.
  • Have a mentor. Find someone who could help you to refocus when you get lost along the way, to brainstorm your ideas with, and also to reinforce all your visions.


  • “When I first started acting and dancing, that’s the first time I felt alive.”
  • “All the things that I thought the worst that happened to me along the journey ended up being the best things.”
  • “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you keep getting what you’re getting.”
  • “Vulnerability is a superpower.”
  • “What has been helpful is to say, ‘I’m so grateful I’m in the process of becoming my strongest and most beautiful self.’”
  • “Anytime I feel fear, I am rewiring myself so that I feel it, acknowledge it, and be disruptive anyways.”
  • “If you really want to change, you have to have a lot of pain around it.”



Rachele Brooke Smith is an actress, dancer, an inspiring role model and a motivational speaker. She is also the co-founder of The Disruptive Movement, which aims to help others to achieve their goals.

Aside from growing her entertainment career and doing motivational speaking engagements, she also produces her own motivational web show called UNBREAKABLE where she takes you behind the scenes on her daily pursuits of her dreams, passions, and goals.


Jay Dhillon is a serial entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist based in the UK with a proven track record of growing businesses from start-up to success- and helping others do the same. From humble beginnings, Jay grew his first business from 0-500 employees and three locations, racking up sales of over £30 million – all without any investment other than a small amount of savings. The business went on to acquire major clients such as Landrover, Jaguar, Toyota and New Look, to name a few.

Its huge success inevitably brought about outside interest and at the age of 33, Jay eventually sold the company to a London investment firm in Doyen Resources. Today, Jay owns several businesses in different sectors and helps entrepreneurs achieve success.

A calling to give back and help others led to Jay being chosen for the highly-coveted role as a Prince’s Trust mentor, where his achievements were marked by a personal invitation to Buckingham Palace to meet Prince Charles.

After helping several young entrepreneurs to success as a mentor for the Trust, Jay’s burning desire to bring his wisdom and knowledge to a wider audience ultimately triggered the concept of The Business Mentor Podcast.

Jay feels that anyone can achieve success in business with the right advice and mentoring and is now sharing his knowledge with his growing audience via his podcast.

In the UK alone 95% of business fail within the first five years and Jay’s aim is to reduce that number.

Backed with the hard-earned knowledge and experience from his time in business, The Business Mentor Podcast will share Jay’s personal business lessons as well those of other successful entrepreneur guests who share their wisdom and secrets on the show.


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