“I’m in a unique position because I’m going to be more memorable and I use this to reach as many people as possible”

In this episode, Jay interviews Winston Clements who shares his story of being memorable and his perspectives on how resilience and positivity should be a part of everyone’s lives. Listen in now to find out why.


I started in corporate financial services within technology roles and then moved to consultancy work in software engineering. I initially began public speaking as a hobby but demand for my speaking work has increased and the majority of my time is now focused on sharing my story.

I have a condition known as Brittle Bone. This means my bones break very easily, during my childhood I experienced more than 100 breaks in my bones, this is the nature of the condition but as I have grown older it has stabilized.

I’ve always been open with people about my story and it inspired me to want to be a public speaker.

You have a very strong mindset, where does that come from?

I had physical challenges, but my parents brought me up to believe I was the same as anyone else. My sister and I have always been treated equally. So, at school, I expected to be the same as everyone else.

Overprotecting me would have hindered my progression, I was able to get out there fall over a few times and learn to pick myself up which is the reality for everyone.

I had my down days like everyone else, but I learnt to focus on my strengths. I’ve always found it easy to make connections, be present in the situation and so I concentrated on developing those and being happy.

What challenges did you have gaining employment?

In my mind, I thought getting a job would be very straightforward, but it took me 6 months to find my first graduate job. During this time, I looked at my mindset and I realised I needed more resilience as it’s not just about having the talent but about keeping going even though I didn’t see results straight away.

Where did you find resilience?

Lots of my close friends got jobs within 1 or 2 months and I started to question how it was possible for them not me. I then realised I needed to look closely at myself and stop playing the victim, blaming it on being different. So, I decided to take ownership of it and instead of applying for 6 or 7 jobs a week I doubled my efforts over everything.

Have you had any mentors?

I’ve had several mentorship experiences and some that have been life changing. One of my mentors helped me to understand my mission and purpose – that my disability, is my gift, it is about a bigger picture and supporting others.

Mentors – it’s all about finding the right fit someone who has experience of where you want to be and someone who you have a rapport with.

How do you deal with the down days?

I’m a human being and being resilient is a spectrum. Like everybody else, there are days where I feel more or less resilient than on other days.

I surround myself with people who are honest with me, pull me up and aren’t afraid to tell me how it is and expect accountability from me.

What are you doing at the moment?

I still do some consultancy work but am hoping to move across to speaking full time and sharing my message as much as possible through courses and workshops.

The thing that has enabled me is that it is my passion, I just want to give value and help people. When you put value first and concentrate being the best at what you do everything else just falls into place.


‘They just wanted me to have as normal an experience as possible’

‘The easy route is usually not the best route’

‘The comfort zone is to stay in the victim mentality, at that moment you don’t have to try’

‘If you take action you can change things for yourself’

‘Failure happens the day you stop trying and anything in between is feedback’

‘Whatever you have you need to turn it into a positive’

‘When an individual messages me to let me know I’ve made an impact on them’




Jay Dhillon is a serial entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist based in the UK with a proven track record of growing businesses from start-up to success- and helping others do the same. From humble beginnings, Jay grew his first business from 0-500 employees and three locations, racking up sales of over £30 million – all without any investment other than a small amount of savings. The business went on to acquire major clients such as Landrover, Jaguar, Toyota and New Look, to name a few.

Its huge success inevitably brought about outside interest and at the age of 33, Jay eventually sold the company to a London investment firm in Doyen Resources. Today, Jay owns several businesses in different sectors and helps entrepreneurs achieve success.

A calling to give back and help others led to Jay being chosen for the highly-coveted role as a Prince’s Trust mentor, where his achievements were marked by a personal invitation to Buckingham Palace to meet Prince Charles.

After helping several young entrepreneurs to success as a mentor for the Trust, Jay’s burning desire to bring his wisdom and knowledge to a wider audience ultimately triggered the concept of The Business Mentor Podcast.

Jay feels that anyone can achieve success in business with the right advice and mentoring and is now sharing his knowledge with his growing audience via his podcast.

In the UK alone 95% of business fail within the first five years and Jay’s aim is to reduce that number.

Backed with the hard-earned knowledge and experience from his time in business, The Business Mentor Podcast will share Jay’s personal business lessons as well those of other successful entrepreneur guests who share their wisdom and secrets on the show. 






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Winston shares personal stories from his life and explains the role of resilience in overcoming challenging situations. He shares his top tips on how you can build up resilience, as well as the importance of living in the moment and having fun. Winston Ben Clements was born with a condition known as Brittle Bones disease, medical term Osteogenesis Imperfecta. An obvious characteristic is his small stature and his use of a wheelchair, which does not tell the story of the frequent and painful bone fractures that disrupted much of his childhood. Nonetheless, Winston successfully graduated with a degree in Computer Science and built up a successful corporate career in the Technology sector. He is passionate about Speaking and his mission is to create a world where nobody feels limited in what they can achieve.






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