In this first episode of 2019 Jay provides us with the best way to plan for success over the next 365 days. He shares the key reasons why we may fail and the actions we can all implement when setting goals to ensure success.

Join Jay on a journey to make it the best year ever, achieving accelerated success with our goals and dreams together.


  • Identifying and understanding the key reasons why goals are not reached is a crucial element of successful planning.
  • WHY– Why are you doing this? You need to be doing it for yourself. The why will drive you forward when you might be losing motivation or experiencing challenge. It’s vital to really drill down into the ‘why’ and how it will challenge you in the long term.
  • THE SUCCESS WHEEL – identify your goals in the different areas of the success wheel
  1. Financial – where are you now? where do you want to be? what do you want to be earning?
  2. Family – Is your goal to spend more quality time with them?
  3. Health – without your health you can’t do anything. What are you going to do to improve your health?
  4. Business / career– where do you want to be? how are you going to grow your business?  How are you going to start your business?
  • PATIENCE –365 days is a long time. At the start of the year people set their goals and want to make an impact, but then lose focus and motivation because they don’t see something happen immediately. Keep your goals going and make sure you’re persistent over 12 months. Being part of mastermind and mentor groups will help you to keep on track with your goals.
  • SET BACKS – have a contingency plan, setbacks do happen and without a plan you might give up. Accepting that things do happen and being persistent in your approach are key to ensuring you continue to move forward towards your goals.
  • BREAK IT DOWN – it’s vital that your big goals are broken down into manageable and achievable chunks. When making a plan the main goals come from the 4 areas of the success wheel but these need to be broken down into smaller achievable monthly goals. This builds momentum and when you look back over few months you can see what you’ve achieved which builds more momentum.


‘Business is long term game and you want to build something’

‘Live in the present and do January – then think I’ve achieved stage 1’

‘Don’t give up when you’ve had a challenging part’

‘Visualise forward how will you feel at the end of the year’

‘Want to be able to say I’ve achieved so much this year’

‘If you do this your success rate will really accelerate’


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