Is it possible to get at least £3000 a month as profit from a business which was just created in less than 30 days? Jay Dhillon and Luca Gallone say it’s doable in just 11 easy steps!

Luca comes back to the Business Mentor Podcast with Jay to share how they started their business DentalReputation ( within 30 days. DentalReputation focuses on helping the dentists in the management of their online reviews.

And for you guys, believe that there should be no excuse for you to say no in creating your own business. Jay and Luca’s business is the living evidence. It does not matter if the industry is not your comfort zone. The business you create does not have to be perfect. Just remember that things can be done and learnt along the way.

Jay and Luca’s 11 steps in creating a successful business could be helpful so start tuning in!


Here are the 11 steps to set up a business and monetize on it very easily:

  • Step 1: Find a problem. Think about how the customers or clients could be benefitted. Brainstorm about possible problems. Look for the problem right away. It gives you the right footing.
  • The problem is getting bad reviews, or not getting reviews at all. These reviews could greatly affect you or your business’ reputation. Some are having a hard time to find a solution so Jay and Luca chose to focus on it.
  • Step 2: Pick a niche. Avoid being general and broad. it’s easier to find a solution to a problem if you have a focused niche. It will also benefit you in selling your service.
  • Jay and Luca chose to focus on dentists’ problem with reviews. These reviews could be about the customer service, the ventilation, and other external factors unrelated to the dentist’s performance.
  • Step 3: Test the measures. Test the market. Test the audience. Get the feedback from your future customers. Think of ways that will make them respond and give feedback.
  • For example, Jay and Luca sent golden envelopes to 70 random clients instead of opting for using online surveys. Jay and Luca managed to get a significant number of feedbacks.
  • Step 4: Find your products. Create a new product once you already get your profit. There’s a high chance that there is something similar already existing in the web. It’s much better to try a white-label software first. You can license your own and sell it in your own brand. It doesn’t have to be spectacular as long as it solves the problem.
  • Jay and Luca were able to find a white-label software that could help encourage more reviews on the dentist’s page and limit the negative reviews that are coming.
  • Step 5: Locate your audience. Get it out to a bigger audience. Think of ways that are not yet practiced by the competition out there. Where do these audiences congregate?
  • For the dentists, it wasn’t a Facebook group or any other online forum, it was a trade show.
  • Step 6: Have commitment and branding. Think about your competition. Think how to stand out.
  • Jay and Luca decided they needed a website. They made the website in just two days but managed to make it look like an established business for a very long time. They outsourced the design, used ClickFunnels, and made simple landing pages for the site. Everything was systemized from invoices to business cards to phone calls to emails!
  • Step 7: Find an influencer. Look for the biggest one in your niche and target them. Contact them through email or phone calls.
  • Jay and Luca found a singing dentist to perform on their trade show. This is to stand out even though alongside the big companies. It was a hit!
  • Step 8: Find staff. How do you show your future clients that you could compete with the big businesses out there? Have a team.
  • This may be applicable only for the trade show. They wanted to have the perception that they’re as big as other business out there. So Jay used his connections from his previous company and got two staff working for them.
  • Step 9: Create interests and generate leads.
  • Before the trade show, Jay and Luca read dentistry books just to have the idea what are the basics and all that stuff. They also did a demonstration during the trade show. During the demo, they were able to get contact lists of a possible market.
  • Step 10: Boost sales. Believe in your product. Be confident. Once you start, it gives you the adrenaline and keeps you going. It doesn’t matter if you get the sales upfront. What matters is your reach increases through the person’s close ties, colleagues, etc.
  • Jay did the on-the-floor selling and Luca did his magic. Jay and Luca managed to get more than 60 clients. They did 75% of their sales in one day.
  • Step 11: Nurture and customer service. This is one thing you shouldn’t neglect. Giving solutions for their problem is the most important. Value the new and existing customers.
  • (Optional) Step 12: Have an exit strategy. If you have a business, you may want to build it and keep it running. But for a business, that is created in limited time, it is best to have an exit strategy.
  • During the trade show, a bigger company had interest in Jay and Luca’s company and wanted to become partners. But instead, they decided to sell it. They gave them the list of their clients and the software. They were just happy that they were able to make a business from scratch.


  • “It doesn’t fit any of our backgrounds. It doesn’t fit any of our experience. But it proves that it doesn’t matter what area you go into. Business is business. And you can make it work.” – Luca Gallone
  • “It’s important to niche it down. Being broad and general doesn’t tend to work.” – Luca Gallone on focusing on a niche
  • “I don’t think that there’s an excuse for anybody to really want to start a business. It’s there for them. Sometimes, we do get mixed up trying to create this perfect business. But we do not need to.” – Jay Dhillon


Here are some of the useful sites Jay and Luca used to make the business successful!


Jay Dhillon is a well-established entrepreneur and has built up many businesses from start-up to success.

In 2005, he built a business from 0 to 500 employees with a turnover of £5,000,000 per year and this with no investment apart from his savings. This business brought in major clients such as Land Rover, Jaguar, Toyota and New Look just to name a few. His passion and skills have since allowed him to build man more businesses.

Today, Jay has multiple businesses in various sectors. His achievements for his work have been highlighted in a visit to Buckingham Palace to meet with Prince Charles.

From humble upbringings, Jay feels that anyone can be successful in the business world. With over 18 years in business, he is now sharing his knowledge and skills to help other inspiring entrepreneurs succeed in the world of business.


Luca Gallone is an internationally acclaimed magician and hypnotist. His lifelong passion for the art of magic started at the early age of 6. This passion then turned into a business. Since he was 18 years old, he continues to wow his audience including celebrities and top end corporate clients around the world. He remains to be the highly-recommended and the go-to magician for most clients because of his incomparable skills and work ethics.

Luca also joined Britain’s Got Talent 2015 and was an instant crowd favorite. Aside from the pleased 2000 crowd, he got unanimous Yes votes from the celebrity judges.


Luca Gallone

Jay Dhillon

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